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What’s Your Story?: A Letter from Noma the Nomad

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Every once we in a while we hear from some of our champion Burley enthusiasts. “Noma” the Nomad, aka Curt & Cathy Bradner, reached out with their story of travels around the world. Including those with their early-90’s Burley cargo trailer named “Burly”. Their adventures continue, but the memories of where Burley trailers have taken their adventures still live on strong. Here’s Noma’s letter:  


Dear Burley,

I’m finally able to write and thank you for giving me a home with Curt and Cathy Bradner.  I’m Noma the Nomad cargo trailer that you gave burlyto the Bradners after receiving a letter from Burly their retiring, ancient, full size cargo trailer.  Burly wrote you in 2004.  He wrote a long tale of travel woes and highlights which included teaching and volunteering.  He had pulled the C’s gear behind Cleo their tandem over 28,000 miles in 27 countries.  Burly was faded, his fabric was stretched, holey and he was tired, ready for a rest when he poached their computer and wrote you his story.  You were kind enough to reward his service by donating me to the Bradners.  Since I was adopted, Burly’s been repurposed as their lockable grocery vehicle.


dscn1439And I became their trusty traveling companion.  As I carry a smaller load I encourage them to pack smarter instead of packing everything they own.  I’ve now been following O their Co-Motion tandem for 12 years.  Together we’ve covered over 15,000 miles in 10 countries.  We’ve worked and lived in Thailand, Myanmar, Ghana and the US.  I’ve helped bring supplies and the C’s gear to 3 disasters where we helped victims of the Thai tsunami, Nargis the cyclone that struck Myanmar and to the recent earthquakes in Ecuador.   I’ve been packed and flown and pulled to and from airports all over the planet.  There is nothing as o-chambordthrilling as being unpacked and repacked in a new airport, hooked up to O and pulled through a new city.  I fly a Colorado flag as I follow the C’s through traffic jams, winding paths, over mountains, through streams, on cobblestone, dirt and mud puddles that are the size of small ponds.  I love to watch people point, smile and wave as we zoom past.

Thank you for giving me the gift of adventure.  It has been a life beyond my imagination.  I am the little trailer that could.



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