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Burley Flatbed Awarded OutdoorGearLab.com Top Pick

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We’re excited to share that the Burley Flatbed cargo trailer has been awarded the 2015 Top Pick from OutdoorGearLab.com! Reviewers compared six best-selling cargo trailers side-by-side in the areas of versatility, maximum capacity, ease of use, and smoothness of ride.

“OutdoorGearLab review testers gave the Burley Design Flatbed our Top Pick award for its unique open flatbed design which makes transporting and carrying large and awkwardly sized cargo such as skis or even kayaks, a breeze, ” said OutdoorGearLab.com Marketing Manager Valentine Cullen. “It’s easy to load and unload normal sized cargo into and out of it as well. We loved the Burley Design Flatbed due to its versatility in carrying capabilities and also because it folds up compactly for ease of storage.”

The Flatbed features a balance point designed to reduce torque on the bike and a hitch that is ideally positioned to provide superior tracking and stability. With a carrying capacity of 100 lbs, the Flatbed is the utilitarian choice for hauling cargo of all sizes.

The Burley Nomad touring trailer was also tested and ranked #3 overall. “The Burley Design Nomad was designed for bike touring, but we liked that it wasn’t limited to just that one specific use, ” said reviewer Katherine Elliott. “We were very pleased with how versatile it actually was once we started to put it to the test. The two push button release wheels and collapsible trailer design also made this a space saver to store. We rarely took advantage of the inside compartments consisting of six mesh utility pockets but they were nice to have when trying to organize and keep things separate inside the trailer. The Burley Design Nomad is a lightweight, durable cargo bike trailer and it will get you and your cargo to where you need to go.”

Check out the full in-depth cargo trailer review and rankings here: http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/Bike-Cargo-Trailer-Reviews