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What’s Your Story?: David P. C&O Canal Trail

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We love hearing from parents on their incredible adventures with the kids in tow or at their side. David has been a long time Burley supporter that has continued to explore with his children on Trailercycles now that they’ve graduated from their Bee trailer. Check out his story and feel free to share yours. Thanks for your avid support!


Our family has been interested in bikes since before we had children. Our first child carrier was a Burley Bee. From that point on, I was convinced of Burley’s quality and balance with affordability. As our family grew, so did our demands with carrying gear and our children. We like to bike tour with my wife’s family who also has three children. Last summer, we planned a four day bike trip along the C&O Canal Trail in Maryland. You can read more about it here:

In total, our trip consisted of 5 adults, and six children. The varying ages of our children required a tremendous amount of flexibility and adaptability in the gear we were using. I also did a breakdown of the gear we used for our trip here:


At the time, my job (as trip planner) was to figure out how to get two adults and three children under six over 140 miles of terrain. My primary family touring bike is an xtracycle, and my wife uses her trusty mountain bike retrofitted four touring. We knew that our oldest child was capable of pedaling longer distances and would be bored if not asked to pedal, and jealous of his older cousins who would be doing pedaling.

I did some quick searches on trail a bikes, as they seemed the logical option for our oldest child. I received pretty immediate feedback from the cycling community that Burley trail a bikes were superior due to their mounting system and attachment to the bike. Once I knew I was looking for a Burley, that made my search much easier.


After we purchased our Kazoo, was incredibly encouraged to see that on the rear wheel there were braze-ons/mounting points, as with a typical adult touring bikes. I quickly wondered if I would be able to outfit the Burley with a rear rack and fender. With help from the good folks at Planet Bike, I deduced that I’d be able to modify an Eco-Rack and use their 20″ recumbent fender for the Kazoo and turn it into a child-touring-rig!

Because the seatpost is so easily adjustable, both my three year old and my six year old were able to ride on the Kazoo during our tour. They loved the fact that it had panniers like mom/dad’s bike and that they could put their own stuff in it (and sleeping bag on top).

The Kazoo exceeded all expectations. In addition to it being an incredibly comfortable ride for my children, it also helped us carry additional cargo. Furthermore, the design of the Burley mitigates any negative handling impacts that might be otherwise present in other forms of trailabikes with additional weight/cargo added to them. Finally, spending a lot of time in the saddle, on loaded touring bikes can take their toll on even the most conditioned parent. But having the “turbo boost” (as we called it in our family) really makes a difference when a child can feel themselves propelling their parents bike plus themselves.


It is a long standing joke between my wife and I that she just lets our oldest son do all the work while she pretends to pedal. I truly feel grateful that we discovered the Burley trail a bikes because they have radically improved our family bike touring. We have compared our experiences to others who have used other equipment that is heavy and adversely effects the handling of the parent’s bike. Our Burley Kazoo helps us do our favorite family past time (Family Bike Touring). It is one of the best pieces of equipment we’ve invested in and I would and have recommended it highly to anyone who’s doing similar adventures.




FLICKR photo album of the trip:


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