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Safety Is Our First Priority

The Burley Standard

At Burley, safety isn’t an afterthought. It’s our first thought. Unlike many other products on the market today, ours are tested in-house during the earliest design phases to ensure that safety and reliability are built in from the beginning.

Burley products are thoughtfully designed to ensure there are no choking hazards, small openings, pinch hazards, or sharp edges that could harm a child. Our testing protocols are the toughest out there, and we strive to go beyond what is required to ensure the safety of your most precious cargo. Our products are built to last, which is why so many Burley trailers have been handed down from generation to generation and are still on the road today.

astm-logoOur products also receive external testing, and all child trailers meet or exceed the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. ASTM standards address such safety criteria as structural integrity, rollover resistance, visibility, restraint system strength, and much more. Burley was one of the first to advocate for these minimum safety standards for our industry, and today we work continuously to improve and exceed them.

Safety Testing

icon-drumDrum Test:

Simulates going over a bump 25,000 times to ensure durability of wheels, frame and hitch assembly.

icon-push-pullPush-Pull Test:

Simulates a stop and go motion for more than 500,000 cycles to make sure the hitch and frame will last.

Crush Test:

Simulates force applied to trailer in a rollover to ensure strength and integrity of frame.

Drop Test:

Fully loaded trailer is raised several feet off the ground and dropped on its nose to test the restraint system under extreme stress.

Rollover Test:

Ensures a low center of gravity to withstand hard cornering or hitting large obstacles with one wheel.

Curb Test:

Front forks are tested to withstand curb impact.