Snowshoe Adventures in Utah

  • 2 min read

Written By: Our Vie Adventures

This winter, like the rest of this whole last year, has been weird - at least here in Utah.

We jumped in with new ski gear and a season pass at our local resort. Cees even signed up for a back country course. This was the year we planned to crush the slopes since we were living in Utah. We had plans of getting Theo into a little ski school so he could really learn.

Well, the snow didn’t show. We had a little, but nothing consistent. However, we can’t really blame it all on “bad snow” though - We ended up spending WAY more time in the desert than we planned. It's not just you, Utah 😘

All in all, we went skiing a grand total of two times. SAD. (Luckily we will still get our money’s worth this summer when we use the lifts to go mountain biking)

So even though we didn’t have a ton of time dedicated to skiing, we still wanted to get out in the snow with the littles, so we thought, SNOWSHOES.

Not many people know that Cees is a past “National Snowshoe Racing Champion” - well, he took 3rd at nationals. But still, pretty epic.

*If you want to dive deep into the random world of snowshoe racing, check out the next level promo that BYU did on Cees and his nerdy friends almost 10 years ago now.

We wanted a way to get the kids out with us on different snowshoe adventures - this is where the Burley D’lite X Trailer with the Ski Kit set up comes in. We could fit both kids, strap it to dad, and GO. It was a perfect solution.

Theo LOVED when Cees would run - mainly because it would fling snow up in the air and drench him. We offered to pull the cover down so he wouldn’t get wet, but he said he preferred to feel it. Wild child.

And then Baby Sol - the dude fell asleep all while sitting next to screaming Theo and getting snow flung on him. Who is this child? Sol fit perfectly in the Baby Snuggler - that way he can ride right next to Theo and be nice and protected. And when he grows a bit, we can just take it out. Makes the trailer nice and modular - fits every size of kid as they grow.

What is fun, is that we can easily snap the wheels back on come warmer weather and pull them for little rides around town. I think that is one of our favorite features of the whole set up. This kid vehicle can transform to work for whatever type of outing we are setting off on. We can choose between a jogger/stroller, a bike trailer, and ski setup!

So even though we haven’t logged as many hours on the slopes as we thought we would have by now, we have still had a good time in the limited snow here in Utah this year.