When your kiddo is too big for a bike trailer but isn't quite ready for long rides on their own bike, a Burley tag along bike attachment is a perfect fit.

Kid Trailercycles

Find the ideal kid's trailercycle at Burley and make the most of your family rides. Shop our collection of durable and stylish trailercycles.

Biking 101

If your kiddo is too big for a bike trailer but isn't quite ready for long rides on their own bike, you need an in-between solution. Meet our trailercycle tag along bike attachments. Little ones will learn the basics of pedaling and bike safety while you feel good knowing they’re safely connected to your bike.

What they're saying...

Sean C. Verified Buyer

"Since the first day I put this on my bike, my daughter has loved it. She asks to go biking just about every day now. The Piccolo is fairly stable and lightweight, I hardly know it's back there even when my daughter is riding. "


Rebecca N.Verified Buyer

"This has been the BEST addition to our gear as our 4 year old is learning to ride - The Kazoo allows us to take longer bike outings as a family! She loves it and definitely gets a work out pedaling and balancing."


Lisa G. Verified Buyer

"We love our Piccolo! My 5 year old has mild cerebral palsy, so balance and strength are challenges for him. But with the Piccolo, we can go on family bikes rides and he doesn’t get left behind. It is very stable and he feels safe and comfortable. "


Keep the Fun Rolling

Trailercycles are a great way to enjoy longer family bike rides without wearing out little legs. Lightweight and stable, our trailercyles are designed to be easy to tow. And when kids run out of steam pedaling on their own, they can rest while you make the miles fly by!


Grows with Your Kiddo

Adjustable handlebars and seat post adapt to fit riders ages 4 to 10.

Steady and Stable

Our TrueRide™ Bike System keeps the trailercycle upright while riding to help kids feel steady and secure as they pedal.

Innovative Hitch

Our patented trailercycle hitch system with the included rear bike rack provides smoother towing than traditional seat post-mounted options.

Easy to Tow

Lightweight frames make our trailercyles easy to tow while their durable construction means they’ll hold up to years of family bike rides.


A trailercycle is a type of bicycle that is attached to the back of an adult bike, allowing a child to pedal and ride along.

Trailercycles are typically designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10, depending on their size and ability.

Trailercycles are generally safe to use on bike trails and some off-road terrain, but it's important to check with local regulations and use caution.

Burley trailercycles are attached to the Moose Rack that comes included. Bikes must be compatible with the Moose Rack in order to tow a Burley trailercycle.

Versatile and easy to install, Burley’s tag along bike attachments open new possibilities for family bike rides.

Our trailercycles are the perfect way to introduce young children to the joy of exploring the world by bike.