The Importance of Ergonomics for Little Ones

  • 2 min read
By: Dr. Kayla Ambert, D.C. R.D Pediatric Chiropractor & Registered Dietitian As a Pediatric Chiropractor I am always analyzing the way children move and how they are positioned. So, when the time came for our little one to be riding along with us on our adventures, you know I was doing plenty of late-night research! You might be wondering, what was I comparing? Below is a list of the most important features to look out for when purchasing a seat or trailer for your child/children:

Reclining Seats - Reclining may seem like a luxury option, but in fact, it’s an essential component. No matter the age of your little, there is a high likelihood that they will fall asleep in the trailer. If so, you want to ensure you can put them in the reclined position otherwise their head will fall forward and hang down during their nap. This can cause serious stress and tension to their neck and cervical vertebrae. The reclining feature stops the head from flopping forward.

Harness Positioning - Not all harnesses are created equal! I didn’t know this until I was at REI comparing different trailers. Some harnesses are similar to car seats, whereas others are lacking in chest support. Your trailer should have the same harness protection as your child’s car seat, otherwise it won’t protect them in case of a major accident.

Head & Neck Support - This was probably one of my biggest concerns. During my research period, I would watch parents go by, trailer in tow, with their child whipping back in forth. It would make me cringe. Honestly, this was one of my biggest turn-offs to getting a trailer altogether. I feverishly searched for any trailer with some sort of head & neck support. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not provide this. Luckily, Burley does.

Suspension - At first you may think suspension isn’t a big deal, but your trailer’s ability to be agile and ride smoothly over bumps & holes is extremely important. A trailer with good suspension will eliminate unnecessary whiplash that can easily happen to your child while riding in a trailer. The better the suspension the less whiplash that will occur.

As you continue your research to find the right trailer for your little one, I urge you to compare the ergonomics of the trailers out there. For us, the Burley Cub X was the ideal solution to the above ergonomic concerns. I hope this information empowers you to always look at the ergonomics of your children’s toys and tools, to ensure that you are providing them with the safest solutions! Happy Riding!