Pet Accessories

When biking with your dog, having the right gear is key. Equip your trailer for all your pet-friendly adventures using our full line of pet bike trailer accessories.

Pet Bike Trailer Accessories

Pack Animals

Whether biking with one dog or two, make sure your pack has everything you need for the journey with our pet trailer cargo bags. Keep treats, toys, leashes, and other essentials close at hand and organized with these simple storage solutions that connect directly to your trailer.

What they're saying...

Anthony S. Verified Buyer

"What a space saver! I am able to fold the Burley into this bag and hang it from the wall freeing up floor space in my storage area! "

Trailer Storage Bag

Paul R.Verified Buyer

"Very convenient addition for Burley trailers that converts it onto a very nice stroller for many activities. Installation and removal is quick and easy."

2-Wheel Stroller Kit

Branden L. Verified Buyer

"The 16+ wheel kit is a great way to smooth out the trailer even more and allows you to pull your trailer through softer soils while maintaining speed. "

16+ Wheel Kit

Nap-Worthy Comfort

To keep pets comfortable on-the-go, Burley’s Pet Bed and Pet Bed XL are great additions to your dog bike trailer. These easy-to-use washable dog beds provide a cozy space for pets to curl up and enjoy a nap at home or on the go.

At Burley, our mission to help people ride their way.

That’s why we design our product lines to include a wide selection of accessories in addition to our main biking gear. These accessories help each Burley owner customize their biking setup to fit their preferences so you can focus less on finding the right gear and more on enjoying the journey.