5 Ideas for the Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

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Spring break is a great time to enjoy a pause from the normal routine. While travel may not be an option this year, there are still many ways to enjoy the time off. Whether you’re looking for a restful week off or an adventure-filled vacation, we’ve got ideas to make your Spring Break staycation fun and memorable.

1. Explore a new Trail or Path

During our normal routines, it can be difficult to find time to explore. It’s often easier to stick to the “known” paths or trails because we don’t have time to research or travel to new ones. Spring break is the perfect to time to find a new route and see some new sights! Whether it’s an afternoon ride or a multi-day bikepacking trip, you’ll be glad you expanded your horizons.

Some of the Burley Team’s favorite trail-finding resources include:

2. Find the Best Coffee Near You

Challenge yourself or bring your friends along and explore all the coffee shops within biking distance to find the perfect cup of coffee. Not only will you find the best place to treat yourself when you need a caffeine boost, you’ll be supporting local businesses. Not into coffee? Look for the best cookies, tacos, or barbecue-bacon cheeseburger!

3. Volunteer

Pick a local charity or nonprofit and reach out to see if they need a hand. Whether it’s planting trees in a neighborhood park, delivering canned food by bike, or conducting a neighborhood litter cleanup, spring break is a great time to get outdoors and give back to your community.

4. Host a Picnic

Invite some friends or family to meet you at a local park or natural area and enjoy an outdoor picnic. Pack up your favorite picnic foods, blankets to sit on, and plenty of sunscreen and ride to your favorite local green space. You can make it an afternoon lunch or extend it into an all-day outing by packing a frisbee, soccer ball, or playing cards for some post-picnic fun!

5. Gear Up for Summer

Spring break is the perfect time to get your bike ready for spring and summer riding. Visit a local bike shop for a tune up to ensure your bike is ready to roll. Now is also a great time to get the gear you need before the summer bike season rush. Safety gear such as bike lights and helmets are critical to riding in all seasons while a kid bike trailer or cargo trailer can optimize family bike rides, commuting routines, or bikepacking setups.

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