Hitch Guide

Find the perfect hitch for your bike with our comprehensive hitch guide. Learn about compatibility, installation, and more.
Every Burley trailer comes with a basic hitch system. This standard hitch system works for most bikes but in some cases you may need an adapter or thru axle to properly hitch your trailer to your bike. In this guide, we’ll show how to hitch a kid trailer, pet trailer, or cargo trailer to your bike and help you determine which hitching solution is right for your bike.

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Axle Mounted

Step 1. Identify Your Axle Type

The first step is to identify your bike’s axle type. There are 3 main types of axles. 

Quick Release Axle

The most common type of axle. The quick release axle has a lever that clamps the axle in place with an acorn nut on the opposite end.

Bolt-On Axle

The bolt-on axle has a hex nut on both sides. It is common on fixed gear and single speed bicycles, as well as internally-geared hubs.

Thru Axle

Thru axles are thick and hollow. They are common on newer bicycles with disc brakes, especially mountain bikes.

Step 2. Identify Your Dropout Type

The second step is to determine your dropout type.

There are many types of dropouts, but for the purpose of hitching a Burley trailer, we’ll focus on two main categories.

Not all dropouts will look exactly like the samples shown here. If you are unsure about your dropout type, please check with your local bike shop.

Standard Dropout

Most bicycles will have a standard dropout. They won’t all look like this, but the key thing to look for is a flat area around and below the axle where the Steel Hitch can sit flush against the frame.

Hooded Dropout

Hooded dropouts have a protruding metal hood that extends around the top of the dropout. They are common on custom or hand-made bikes. They can prevent the Steel Hitch from sitting flush against the frame. This problem is solved by the adapters which you will read about later.

Step 3. Determine if You Need an Adapter

Now that you know what type of axle and dropout you have, you can use the table below to determine if you need additional parts to connect
your Burley trailer.

Standard Dropout

QR Axle

Steel Hitch (Included)

Bolt-On Axle

Steel Hitch (Included)

Thru Axle

Steel Hitch (Included)

+ Burley Thru Axle

Hooded Dropout

Steel Hitch (Included)

+ Adapter

Steel Hitch (Included)

+ Adapter

Steel Hitch (Included)

+ Burley Thru Axle

Q: What does the adapter do for me?

A: You will need an adapter if your dropout does not have room for the hitch to sit flush against the bike frame, or in some cases, if the addition of the hitch makes the axle too short for the nut to be re-installed. In these cases, the adapter acts as a spacer. It provides a flat surface away from the dropout that lets the hitch sit flush against a solid surface. In the case of axles being too short to be reinstalled, it extends the length of the axle so that it can be safely installed with the hitch

Q: I see there are multiple sizes of Adapters and Thru Axles, how do I know which part is right for me?

A:It will depend on the size and threading of your axle. Use the Adapter Guide and Axle Fit Guide in Step 4 to determine which part is right for you.

*It is possible that the addition of the Steel Hitch may make your bolt on axle too short for the nut to be re-installed. If this is the case, you will require an adapter.

Step 4. Find Your Adapter

Quick Release (QR) Adapter

If you have a Quick Release Axle you will need the QR Adapter. This is the most commonly used adapter.

Bolt-On Axle Adapters

There are three adapter models which apply to bolt-on axles. You must know the Diameter and Thread Pitch of your axle. We recommend getting this information directly from your bicycle/axle/hub manufacturer. Once you have this information, you can select the appropriate adapter based on the axle diameter and thread pitch, which are indicated in the adapter name.

- Adapters are named for the Diameter x Thread Pitch.

- For example: M10 x 1.0.

- In this example, M10 is the Diameter and 1.0 is the Thread Pitch.

Instructions for installing the adapter will be included with the adapter. Adapters can be ordered on our Hitches & Adapters page.

12mm Thru Axle Adapters

Thru Axle Fit Guide


Quick Hitch

The Quick Hitch provides an innovative, tool-free way to attach the Travoy to your seat post and easily releases with the flip of a switch – ideal for bikeshare bikes. The quick and easy trailer connection makes for effortless transitions for around town errands.

*For obsolete Travoy models, please note the Quick Hitch and Travoy Hitch are reverse compatible with each other.

Rack Mount

The optional Rack Mount moves the mounting location for the Travoy Hitch to a rear bike rack if more clearance is needed. The Rack Mount is only compatible with the Travoy Hitch (not compatible with the Quick Hitch).