Cycling between Arco and Riva del Garda

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Written By: Linda Recchia, Mamma Dolomitica

After a beautiful weekend on Lake Garda Trentino, I would like to share this easy route for biking with children with the Burley community.

The route is a flat ring tour of almost 16 km that connects Arco (Trento) and Riva del Garda (Trento) in Trentino. We traveled it with Ludovica (2 years old) who alternated moments with her balance bike with moments of rest in the super Honey Bee kid bike trailer, which is so spacious and capacious that we can put the balance bike in the glove compartment.

We started from the Ab&c Arco Bed and Camping, where we stayed over the weekend and which is well equipped for the bike world; there is a video-monitored garage where you can leave your bikes, a space for repairs, and they’re also creating a space for cleaning bikes.

As soon as you leave the campground, crossing the street is the only point that is a bit uncomfortable and that needs your attention, especially if you are with children. After crossing the road, however, the route winds between vineyards, until you reach the cycle path. The path is perfectly marked by road signs and on the asphalt, which is always colored orange-red.

Continue entirely on the cycle path and on a slight slope until you reach Riva del Garda. Here the first stop is obviously the playground, very beautiful and perfect for all ages; from the smallest to the oldest children. Then after a stroll in the historic center and a coffee with brioche, we restart pedaling on the cycle path along the lake.

The next stop? Clearly a second playground, also reachable directly from the cycle path and also very nice!

We continue and soon we reach the port of Riva del Garda where we find the restaurant, pizzeria, bar, and ice cream "L’Ora". I ate pizza, my husband had a plate of pasta with fish, and it was all very good!

Coffee and go! From the port, going towards Torbole, the cycle path continues, always very beautiful. At a certain point there are signs for different cycle paths, and we turn towards Arco.

The return has some slight ups and downs, but overall, it remains an easy and flat cycle path that runs along the Sarca river all the time. Continue straight until you reach Arco, then follow the signs for the city center.

An ice cream for a snack is perfect and I recommend you also take a walk in the historic center, which is very beautiful and dominated by the historic castle of Arco.

Our day on the bike ends and we decide to return to the campground, which is about 2 km from the town center.

How do you say? Ah yes… tired, but happy! It was a truly beautiful day!