What's Your Story?: Horse 1 vs. Burley 1 Million

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Ever have that extreme feeling of appreciation when a piece of gear or tool does exactly what it should after years of use?! When it comes to our child trailers, build quality and safety are our top priorities. We recently heard from Laura Gifford who had an experience few will forget. We thank her for the praise and are so glad to hear the boys are happy, healthy, and havin’ fun!

“I’m not sure how Burley set its safety standards, or what obstacles the engineers envision when they design a trailer, but on April 23rd, 2016, our Burley Encore was put to the test. After watching a county fair parade, my son Owen (3y), his friend Maxx(3), and myself (a lot older than 3) were starting our journey home. As we were crossing the main street in the small town of Asotin, WA, we found ourselves directly in the path of a runaway horse. Kat, who is a retired race horse, had spooked and was running rider-less down the traffic laden, bumper-to-bumper street. In a perfect culmination of unlucky luck, Kat transected our course at a moment so precise, hundredths of a second would have altered the outcome with horrifying results. Twelve-hundred pounds of horse, moving roughly 30 mph, split the difference between my bike and the Burley……..almost perfectly. One of Kat’s hooves caught the front of the frame assembly and sent the trailer into flight.

The trailer, with both boys strapped securely inside, landed on its side, several feet from where it had been. The boys had only bumps and bruises but tell a harrowing story of their encounter with Kat. And so I thank you, engineers and designers of Burley! I’m not sure you had horses in mind when you developed the safety standards and quality of materials used to build your trailers, but at the end of the day – horse vs Burley = the luckiest little boys in the world! Here is a link to the news coverage – all from the eyes of three-year-olds. Enjoy!” – Laura Gifford

Owen and Max got their Encore fixed up for a few more rides over the Summer. While riding they kept an eye out for any troubles with their binoculars. Owen and Maxx now each have their own Piccolo trailercycles to continue their progression as avid riders! Wear a helmet, be aware, and be safe out there! You never know when those wild horses will stampede!

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