Winter Bike Commuting Tips

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Winter weather doesn’t mean your bike commute has to end. With some simple changes, you can adapt your commuting habits to fit the colder months until spring weather returns. For the top winter bike commuting tips, we turned to our in-house expert, Burley team member and avid bike commuter, Dave!

Adapting your bike commute for winter weather requires special attention to both your gear and your bike. Below, you’ll find Dave’s advice for keeping you and your bike running smoothly in winter months and his top tips for bike commuting in any season!

For You

  • Wear layers so you can adjust to your body temperature changes as you ride
  • Good gloves (I like wool) and ear protection are important
  • Foot covers (I forgot mine this morning and it sucked) will help keep your feet dry and warm
  • Give yourself additional time for the commute – the extra layers and winter weather will slow you down and make you work a bit harder to get to your destination

For Your Bike

  • Fenders are always good in wet and wintry weather
  • Clean your bike often and throw oil on the chain even more often
  • In the snow, adjust your tire pressures lower to help get more grip

For Year-Round Commuting

  • Check the weather before you leave. Check local forecast + walk outside and look up. Throw the raincoat in your bag if there is doubt.
  • Check (feel) your tire pressures before you leave and fill if needed. This is increasingly important with tubeless tires becoming more common – it’s no fun to ride on pavement with half-flat tires.
  • Have lights on your bike, charged and turned on – this is key for you to be seen.
  • Always make eye contact with drivers when approaching/starting from an intersection
  • Take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Whether you have commuted by bike for years or are just starting a new routine, use these tips to make bike commuting in the winter easier and safer.

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