El receptor de la barra de remolque del remolque puede romperse si el pasador de retención no se inserta completamente a través de la barra de remolque y el receptor. Esto puede hacer que el remolque se separe de la bicicleta, lo que representa un riesgo de lesiones para el niño ocupante o el ciclista. Los remolques afectados tienen un receptor de barra de remolque de plástico negro con un protector de rueda integrado (ver foto). Los receptores de barra de remolque de aluminio no se ven afectados por este retiro.

Los remolques con este protector de rueda de plástico negro, específicamente, pueden incluirse en el retiro.


Los consumidores deben dejar de usar los remolques afectados de inmediato y solicitar un kit de reparación de correas de seguridad gratuito de Burley. La correa de seguridad servirá como un punto de conexión de respaldo entre el remolque y la barra de remolque en caso de que la barra de remolque no esté conectada correctamente al receptor usando el pasador de retención. La instalación de la correa de seguridad tarda unos 15 minutos. El kit incluye instrucciones y todas las herramientas y hardware necesarios. Un video de instrucciones de instalación de la correa de seguridad está disponible aquí, y Las instrucciones descargables están disponibles aquí.


La correa de seguridad. Proporciona una conexión de respaldo entre la barra de remolque y el bastidor del remolque.


Los consumidores también deben revisar el receptor de la barra de remolque para detectar cualquier signo de daño que pudiera haber resultado del uso sin el pasador de retención correctamente insertado. Si observa algún signo de daño, comuníquese con Burley para solicitar un receptor de reemplazo gratuito.

Si eres un consumidor

Solicite su kit de reparación de correa de seguridad gratuito utilizando el Formulario de solicitud de kit de reparación.

Si es un distribuidor de Burley

Llenar esta forma para recibir sus kits de reparación de correas de seguridad.


-Trailers with black plastic tow bar receivers can separate from the tow bar, posing crash hazards to the child in the trailer.

-We have received a small number of reports of bike trailer tow bar receivers breaking during use, in some cases causing the trailer to detach from the bike. Bicycles and trailers can crash for all sorts of reasons, but after extensive testing, it has been determined that the root cause in most cases is incomplete attachment of the tow bar to the receiver on the trailer. If the retaining pin is not inserted through the tow bar and receiver, the tow bar can slide out of the receiver or generate enough torque to break the receiver. This can cause the trailer to detach from the bicycle.

-In the course of investigating this situation, we learned that a few consumers inserted the retaining pin into the receiver before inserting the tow bar, or they did not fully insert the tow bar into the receiver before inserting the retaining pin. Either way, this creates a situation where the retaining pin does not secure the tow bar. If the user does not recognize this situation and begins to bike with the trailer, the product may function normally in some cases for an extended period of time. To reduce the risk of the trailer detaching during use under this scenario, we are conducting a voluntary recall and issuing a free Safety Strap Repair Kit for all affected trailers. The kit includes a Safety Strap that will serve as a backup connection point between the trailer and the tow bar in the event that the tow bar detaches from the receiver, as well as tools and instructions. The Safety Strap will be mounted to the tow bar and attached to the trailer.

-Our trailers comply with all applicable safety standards, but Burley chose to conduct a voluntary recall to distribute these Safety Strap Repair Kits because we felt it was the right thing to do, and we are working with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to publicize and carry out this program. Our products carry children. Parents all over the world trust us with their most precious cargo, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to keep their children safe. By conducting a voluntary recall and adding a Safety Strap as a backup connection point between the trailer and the tow bar, we can reduce the risk of trailer detachment when the tow bar is not properly attached to the receiver.

About 34,000 trailers sold in the US and about 820 sold in Canada.

-Bicycles periodically crash or become involved in accidents for reasons having nothing to do with the trailer, tow bar or receiver, and Burley has received a total of 35 reports since 2009 from consumers who requested a replacement receiver through Burley’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. Some of these receivers may have broken as a result of crashes having nothing to do with how the tow bar was attached, but some may have resulted from the way the tow bar was attached.

-These numbers are extremely small in light of the number of the units in the marketplace, representing about 0.1%.

Burley has received two reports of broken tow bar receivers that led to the trailer detaching and rolling over, resulting in minor abrasions. No other injuries have been reported.

-If your trailer has a black plastic tow bar receiver with an integrated wheel guard, the product is recalled.

-Affected models include D’Lite, D’Lite ST, Solo, Solo ST, Encore, Cub, and Rental Cub trailers manufactured from 2009 – 2015.

-Stop using your trailer immediately. 

-Submit theRepair Kit Request Form and we will send you a free Safety Strap Repair Kit that includes a Safety Strap and step-by-step installation instructions. You can also call Burley at 800-311-5294 between 8am and 5pm PT, Monday-Friday to request your Repair Kit.

-If you have ever used your trailer without inserting the retaining pin through the tow bar and receiver, you should check you receiver for any signs of damage. If you believe your receiver may be damaged, please contact Burley to request a free replacement receiver.  Most people will not need a new receiver, but if your receiver is damaged in any way, we will provide a free replacement receiver along with the Safety Strap Repair Kit.

-Installation of the safety strap takes less than 15 minutes for any individual possessing basic competence with hand tools. Once your Safety Strap has been installed, you may resume normal use of the trailer.

-If you are reluctant to perform the Safety Strap installation on your own, you can take your trailer and Repair Kit to yourlocal authorized Burley dealer who can perform the service in the store free of charge.

When installed correctly with the retaining pin inserted through the tow bar and receiver, the product functions normally. However, the trailer is still recalled and should have the safety strap installed as an additional safeguard.