5 Ways to Keep Kids Cool in a Bike Trailer

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Sunny days are made for family bike rides. But with summer weather comes summer heat. With that in mind, we’ve got some tips on how to keep your kids cool and comfy while riding in a bike trailer from Burley Account Manager and Super-Grandma, Melanie!

1. Pack lots of water.

Bringing a water bottle is a must on any bike ride (we’re partial to our own Burley-branded Hydro Flasks). Especially during summer weather, kiddos need to stay hydrated to support their bodies’ natural temperature regulation processes. Even though they’re not physically active while riding in a kid bike trailer, children still need plenty of fluids to help them stay cool and replace any water lost as they sweat. Internal pockets in the trailer make a great place to store water bottles.

A small spray bottle can be another good option for keeping kids cool during the ride. Melanie’s pro tip: “Bring it out of the refrigerator just before leaving.”

2. Dress for the weather

When it comes to clothing, Melanie says, “Keep your little ones in loose-fitting clothes, preferably in a light color.” On extra hot days, a fun neck cooler wrap can provide additional relief from the heat. “Let your child pick out their favorite color or style. Then just soak the neck wraps in cool water – you can use them over and over again!” says Melanie.

Whatever they wear, in the summertime kids (and adults) aren’t fully dressed without a layer of sunscreen. Burley’s kid bike trailers feature UPF 50+ tinted side windows but kids will still need protection from the sun while playing outside the trailer during stops at the park or for any sneaky sunrays that enter the trailer through the front cover.

3. Consider location and timing

Long summer days mean more time to be outdoors! Seek out cooler temperatures by planning your bike rides for early morning or late evening. “It’s always so peaceful at these times,” says Melanie.

Where you ride is just as important as when you ride. Look for shady tree-covered pathways if possible. If no shade is available, look for dirt or bark trails rather than paved paths as these surfaces reflect less heat than concrete or asphalt.

4. Snack wisely.

Snacks provide a great distraction for kiddos who may feel a bit cranky in the heat. When choosing snacks, pick items that have high water content to help kids stay hydrated. Melanie recommends, “cold fruit as a snack to take their mind off the heat.” Cucumbers, orange slices, and applesauce in squeeze pouches are all great mess-free options.

5. Adapt your trailer to the heat

Keep kids comfy while riding by maximizing air flow into the trailer. Just roll up the rear cover of the trailer and tuck it neatly up near the handlebars to allow for a breeze through the back of the trailer. Then unzip and roll-up the plastic rain cover on the front of the trailer and secure it at the top to provide plenty of cross-breeze.

For additional cooling, battery-operated fans are available in a wide array of colors and sizes. Choose a handheld version for older kiddos or opt for a clip-on style that attaches to the interior storage pockets or inside the front tailgate of the trailer for younger kids.

Use these great tips from Melanie on your next summer bike ride to keep little ones cool while riding in their kid bike trailer. And when all else fails, a stop for ice cream is always a good idea!