A (My)Kickin' Wedding

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Bryan Sheffield’s photos and notes on family outings

Earlier this month, our Cousin Jenna, was married to a great guy named Steve. We road tripped out to Michigan for the gorgeous wedding. Michigan is a pretty state with trees, lakes, and green grass everywhere. If you were looking at the Michigan mitten, we were around where your thumb and index finger connect.

Last fall the couple asked Alden to be the ring bearer and then at the rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding, the bride and groom asked if he wanted to ride his bike down the aisle! Needless to say, Alden was very excited and I ran to the car to grab his MyKick to practice his moves. After the ceremony the next day he was sad that we had to put the bike back in the car and couldn’t bring it into the reception. I think he had big dance floor plans.

After the wedding we had a fun ride in Phoenixville, PA which has some of our favorite local spots to ride as a family. The Schuylkill Canal tow path and the Schuylkill River Trail gives us a kid friendly round trip of ~6 miles on smooth dirt with gorgeous views. The trail is straddled between the Schuylkill River and the canal which has a couple bridges. The canal is usually filled with kayaks and canoes for the kids to “race” as we go. There is also some cool single track off the path that we like to explore which increases the fun factor for both kids, my wife, and myself. There are ample spots to throw down a blanket from the back of the D’Lite and have a little picnic, or do some splashing in the river on a hot day!

Peek-A-Boo!! How Ya doing little sis?

Time is precious when they’re little and so innocent. Seeing the wonder of the world and the sparkle in our kid’s eyes as they learn is such a joy! Find your inspiration and explore the great outdoors with your child whenever opportunity knocks.

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