School's Out: Biking with Kids this Summer

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The end of the school year is a time of excitement and anticipation. With summer stretching out before us, it's the perfect opportunity to make the most of the sunny days and warm evenings. For families who love to stay active and explore, biking offers a wonderful way to bond, stay active, and connect to the great outdoors. At Burley, we have the gear you need to ensure your summer is filled with unforgettable memories.

Embrace the Summer Breeze with Burley's Multi-Functional Child Bike Trailers

Burley’s multi-functional kid bike trailers are designed to make your bike outings safe, fun, and convenient. Our trailers are more than just bike attachments; most easily convert into strollers and our Encore X, D’Lite X, and Cub X can turn into joggers as well. Whether you’re heading to the local park, exploring a new trail, or enjoying a family picnic, our versatile trailers ensure your little ones are comfortable and secure.

Exploring Local Parks and Trails

Local parks and trails are treasure troves of adventure waiting to be discovered. With Burley’s kid bike trailers, you can embark on longer rides without worrying about little legs getting tired. Our trailers are equipped with 5-point harness systems, UV-protected windows, and ample storage space for snacks and toys, ensuring that your kids are entertained and comfortable throughout the journey.

Love it!!
“I got the Bee so my 2 year old grandson could accompany me on rides. He loves his little sidecar! It was straightforward to assemble and attached easily to my bike. It rides so smoothly and my grandson tells me it’s very comfy. So much fun to use!”

-Kathleen C.
Verified Buyer

Picnics and Playdates

A leisurely bike ride to a nearby park for a picnic or playdate is a fantastic way to spend a summer day. With our spacious trailers, you can pack all the essentials – from picnic blankets to sports equipment and games. Once you arrive, simply convert the trailer into a stroller or wagon and you’re ready to relax and play.

Stay Close with Burley's Child Bike Seats

For parents who prefer a more compact and agile solution, Burley’s Dash Child Bike Seats are the perfect choice. These seats allow you to keep your child close while navigating through city streets or winding bike paths. Our bike seats are designed for safety and comfort, featuring adjustable harnesses, padded seating, and easy-to-install mounts. Perfect for trips to summer camp or a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, they offer a great way to integrate biking into your daily routine.

Benefits of Child Bike Seats

Child bike seats like the Burley Dash offer numerous benefits that align perfectly with Burley’s commitment to safety, comfort, and adventure for families. Here’s why the Burley Dash stands out:

  1. Top-Notch Safety: Featuring a secure 5-point harness system, the Burley Dash ensures your child is safely strapped in for every ride.
  2. Comfort-Driven Design: With padded seats and backrests, your little one enjoys a cozy and smooth ride.
  3. Easy Transition: The Dash offers easy installation and removal, making it convenient to switch between biking and other activities.
  4. Enhanced Visibility: The rear-mounted design gives your child an exciting view of the world around them, making rides more enjoyable.

Quality Time Together: Biking with your child allows for memorable outdoor adventures and bonding moments.

Extend the Fun with Burley's Trailercycles

For older kids who want a bit more independence but aren’t quite ready to ride solo, Burley Trailercycles are an ideal option. These one-wheel attachments connect securely to your bike, allowing your child to pedal along and build their biking skills while you maintain control. Trailercycles are perfect for family rides on long trails or hilly terrain, giving your child a sense of participation and achievement.

Safety First with Burley

At Burley, we prioritize safety just as much as fun. All our trailers, bike seats, and trailercycles are tested to meet and exceed safety standards. Features like 5-point harnesses, robust roll cages, and reflective materials ensure that your kids are protected on every ride. Plus, our easy-to-use hitching system allows you to attach and detach the trailer quickly, making spontaneous trips a breeze.

Safe Biking with Children

Safety is paramount when biking with kids. Here are some tips:

  • Always wear properly fitted helmets.
  • Follow road safety rules and use hand signals.
  • Pack essentials like water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and sun protection. For added safety, Burley trailers come with features like 5-point harnesses, full internal roll cages, and reflective materials for visibility.

Beyond the Neighborhood

For families looking to explore beyond their usual haunts this summer, a weekend bike camping trip could be an exciting option. Burley’s trailers provide ample room for camping gear, and their durable construction is perfect for rougher terrains. For heavier packers, Burley Cargo Trailers would be a great addition to haul extra gear. Imagine biking along scenic trails, setting up camp by a lake, and spending the night under the stars – all with your precious cargo safely towed behind you.

This summer, let Burley help you turn ordinary days into extraordinary adventures. With our versatile, durable, and safe kid bike trailers, child bike seats, and trailercycles, the possibilities for fun are endless. So, dust off those helmets, pump up your tires, and get ready to create lasting memories with your kids. Here’s to a summer full of biking joy!