5 Tips to Keep Kids Warm While Biking

  • 2 min read

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of bike season. With a little planning, you can keep biking with your family long after autumn weather begins. Burley Account Manager Melanie enjoys biking with her grandkids all year long, “My grandkids love being outside, so being prepared and going for a trailer ride in the cold is always fun!”

We asked Melanie to share her top five tips for keeping kids warm in their kid bike trailer while biking (or strolling) in the fall and winter.

1. Layer Up

Having a breathable base layer and warm outer layer is key. "I have taken the grandkids out in 20-30 degree weather and with snow on the ground in our Burley trailer! We dressed them in street clothes then snow suit over.”

2. Make it Cozy

Make the trailer snug as can be by adding blankets. “We bring along a cozy blanket for the little one. And of course, keeping the cover down on the Burley keeps them nice and toasty!”

3. Don't Forget Helmets

When towing the Burley behind a bike, helmets are a must in any weather. “We love our Bern Helmets, they have a winter liner for colder months. It just snaps in and is super nice.”

4. Keep Hands Toasty

Use gloves or mittens to keep little ones’ hands from getting chilled. “Hand warmers are a favorite of mine all winter long. I already got my box for the season and the kids love these inside their gloves!"

5. Warm Drinks are a Must

Hot chocolate, cider, or warm milk, nothing beats a toasty drink after a cold bike ride! Melanie suggests waiting to enjoy your drinks after your bike ride so kiddos can keep their hands tucked away under the blankets while riding. To keep drinks warm throughout the ride, try a Burley Hydro Flask!