From Pregnancy to Cycling with Kids - Part 3

  • 2 min read
This is Part Three in a series by Natalie Good on her journey back to cycling after pregnancy.
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Imagine a 75-degree, bluebird kind of day. There’s a gentle, cool breeze carrying the smell of fresh sage and pine and your gravel bike is in the garage calling your name, but today you are home alone with the kids. No problem! My youngest is ready for bike rides in our Burley D’Lite X with the Baby Snuggler insert. Today was our first official ride with just mom and the girls. My oldest will be turning three this month and has gotten so good at helping me check the baby when we run which added an additional layer of comfort for me while riding today. Shortly after taking off I asked how her sister was doing - “she’s sleeping." I then asked the more important question, is she breathing? “Yeah, she’s moving!” (Referring to her chest moving, just like we practiced.)
Of course there were also a couple of learning curves today. When riding alone with two small children, do your best to make sure that your bike is ready to go before you strap them in. I was feeling quite prepared after quickly assembling my bike shoes, helmet, daytime running lights, GPS computer, water, and snacks. I had (EASILY) removed the jogger attachment (which is essential for walking and running on gravel), attached the bike arm, and finally got both girls buckled in. They were both in good spirits, so we took off but it was not long before I realized that my seat was too low. My husband had dropped the seat after camping last weekend so it would better fit on the bike rack. The girls didn’t like stopping so soon and it was the first time I have ever needed my repair kit, but I was able to quickly find the multi-tool and make the adjustment. Only a small hiccup in our journey. Our gravel ride today included four cattle guards and was an out and back, so we went over a cattle guard a total of eight times. With the 16+ wheel kit, the girls didn’t even notice. They both fell asleep on the uphill. By the time I turned around they were both awake again, but content. We were heading back downhill so my speed increased to the 10-15mph range, my oldest occasionally yelling, “go faster!” We saw a small herd of pronghorn antelope, a few cattle, many birds, and two 4-wheelers on our adventure. I am so glad my girls didn’t have to miss it! - Natalie Good,Good Bike Co., LLC