Get Your Burley Bike Trailer Ready for Spring Adventures!

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Whether you're planning family bike rides or embarking on solo adventures, ensuring your bike trailer is in top-notch condition is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. To help you prepare, we've put together a handy pre-ride checklist to make sure your Burley trailer is ready to hit the road.

Burley Spring Adventures

Bike Trailer Pre-Ride Checklist

1. Wheels:

Start by checking that the wheels of your Burley trailer are securely attached. Give them a gentle tug to ensure they're snugly in place.

2. Tires:

Proper tire inflation is key to a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. Refer to the recommended pressure listed on the tire sidewall and use a pump to inflate the tires to the correct PSI. This helps prevent punctures and ensures optimal performance.

3. Tow Arm Receivers:

Inspect the tow arm receivers on the trailer, making sure they are securely attached. This ensures a secure connection between the trailer and the tow bar, providing stability during rides.

4. Receiver Retaining Pins:

Verify that the primary retaining pin on the tow arm receiver is securely in place. These pins prevent accidental detachment of the trailer from the tow bar during rides.

5. Tow Bar:

Check that the tow bar is firmly attached to the trailer. Give it a gentle shake to confirm that it's properly secured.

6. Flex Connector:

Flex connectors should be replaced every 3-5 years. To find the right replacement part on, identify if your trailer has a round or square tow bar. To replace the flex connector, loosen the nut on the towbar, remove the bolt and pull out the old flex connector. Then, insert the new flex connector into the tow bar, put the bolt back in, then tighten the nut. For complete installation instructions, see this video tutorial.

7. Steel Hitch:

Next, ensure that the hitch is securely attached to your bicycle. Double-check that it's properly aligned and fastened to the bike frame according to the product manual.

8. Hitch Retaining Pin and Safety Strap:

Check that the hitch retaining pin is firmly in position. These safety features provide extra peace of mind by preventing the trailer from detaching from the bicycle while in motion.

9. Final Inspection:

Remember to inspect the overall condition of your trailer, including any fabric or harnesses, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments before setting out. To find replacement parts for your trailer, check out our Replacement Parts Search Tool. Replacement parts are typically offered for at least 5-7 years.

Ready to Ride

By following this pre-ride checklist, you can ensure that your Burley trailer is in optimal condition for springtime adventures. To ensure a smooth and safe ride, review the complete set-up instructions in your product's user manualWith your Burley trailer in top shape, you're ready to enjoy countless memorable rides this spring!