Keeping Up with the Kids

  • 2 min read
Article & Photos by Bryan Sheffield Our two year old daughter, Johnny, loves her MyKick. She calls it “Red Bike” and wants to take it everywhere we go. Here is a photo of her riding it around our suburbs of Philadelphia neighborhood. This is Mr. Phil’s house. Phil is a wonderful gentle man, retired, and has a decor for every holiday including Valentine’s Day and Labor Day. His love of seasons is palpable, and Johnny loves shredding past his house, and sometimes through his yard to the alley in the back. We slide cash under Phil’s door for every Christmas bulb that Johnny breaks.
The kids were riding to the train station, and then bonked out from cold and being tired. Hero mom pushed them up the many-switchback ramp to the train platform. A rest on the train, some snacks, and everything was right as rain. Of the many great things my wife and I have learned from parenthood, one of the tops is how to haul lots of gear. The Solstice stroller, and our teenage Tetris™ skills, makes hauling gear a little easier. The temperatures were all over the board here this November, but luckily we had a few weekends in the 50s to get out and enjoy our bikes and nature. This is a photo of my wife and children taking a break next to the Perkiomen creek in South East Pennsylvania. Who knows what they were doing, maybe looking at some birds or prepping for a trail side pee… either way it was a perfectly gorgeous day!
Here’s a cute photo of our kids at the end of the aforementioned ride. Kids straight chilling in the D’Lite with some goldfish snacks while mom and dad load the car with the bikes, helmets, water bottles, and all the other kid gear. We usually try and time our destination rides so that the kids will nap in the car after the ride. That definitely didn’t happen this day, so we stopped for some pizza on the way home and laughed with our 2 year old daughter as she told stories of our fun adventure.

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