Riding a Bike, Our New Family Hobby

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Written By: Anna Hilgendorf, @momwifehero

All beginnings are difficult

As the saying goes, beginnings are hard! And so it was for Ben and his now beloved bike. Because while Ben's friend began cruising around on two wheels last year, Ben didn't make the leap until almost 2 months ago, when he was five and a half years old.

But from the beginning...

Every child has his or her own pace. Period. And if you ask me, the outside pressure that often comes and affects us parents and, as a logical conclusion, our children, is unhealthy. More than unhealthy, in fact. Because as I said, every child has their own pace and this pace is the only right one!

The fact that Ben, at the age of two, three, and even four, had no desire to ride a balance bike and certainly not a bicycle, did not worry me at all. Why should it? He loved to ride his scooter and every now and then he would sit on his electric quad bike, which he had received as a gift.

However, when his little brother Leo, at the age of two, began to ride Ben's previously unused balance bike like a little world champion, and the questions from outside as to whether Ben was riding a bike became more frequent, I too (in retrospect completely without reason), began to question our way to approach biking education .

So a bicycle was needed - a bike which Ben had already sat on at his buddy's house, which he liked, and for which my husband even drove five hundred kilometers to pick up.

In the end, this was a bicycle ( a very expensive bicycle) on which Ben sat poorly and which he just didn't want to ride. No motivating words, small attempts at bribery, or anything else helped. For weeks and months, it just didn't work out!

From frustration to excitement!

As Ben's and our frustration grew and the desire to learn how to ride a bike diminished, I made a decision - a decision that we should have made much earlier, but which was nevertheless exactly the right one at that moment.

So it happened that, in mid-March, we sold the unused bike after just a few days and bought a new balance bike that fit him better.

And what can I say? My biggest wish came true and sometimes I still can't really believe it: Ben sat on his new bike, needed my support for the first few meters and then he rode. He rode and rode and rode.

His frustration was suddenly blown away and his desire to ride his bike grew from day to day and keeps growing. Tears used to flow when Ben was supposed to ride, now they flow when he's not allowed to ride.

It is never too late!

And you know what the best thing is? I too have discovered my love for biking, through Ben and through my husband who surprised me with an e-bike for my birthday in March.

We share this love for biking as a family, thanks in no small part to Burley. It has given us a hobby we can pursue in spite of a pandemic that has us backing away from the crowded shores of Lake Constance and exploring the backcountry.

Cycling for big and small

After my husband and I were equipped with bikes and Ben upgraded to a larger bike with gears, the only thing missing was the perfect solution for Leo. He rides his balance bike like a pro but can't yet cover longer distances on his own.

And that's when we found the perfect solution with our new Burley D'Lite™ X.

The Burley D'Lite™ X

Those of you who have been following us for a while will probably remember our bright green Burley D'Lite, which we used mainly as a jogger and which has served us extremely well over the past three and a half years?!

But since we are now more or less among the professionals and on a weekend easily cover around fifty kilometers by bike, the update from Burley came just in time.

In addition to safety, comfort plays a major role in choosing the right bike trailer, for me and also for Leo, who enjoys the advantages of the mommy cab like a little prince. In addition to the fourteen kilos of Leo, there are also a few (many) kilos of food for the road, which my three men can't do without on adventure trips. And in an emergency, should the legs of our big little cyclist get heavy, those of the soon-to-be six-year-old Ben are also added!

While these requirements may be too much for other bike trailer brands, the D'Lite™ X shows what it can do with ease. Here are some reasons why we have once again chosen a premium bike trailer from Burley:

  • The 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enables a lightning-fast transition from cycling to walking
  • Leo sits very comfortably even on longer trips, thanks to high-quality seat cushions and headrests
  • The adjustable suspension makes the ride very smooth for Leo, even in rougher terrain
  • Should Leo ever get tired, the adjustable seat ensures a pleasant sleep
  • The side recesses offer the boys enough shoulder and elbow room should they ever sit together in the D'Lite™ X
  • The adjustable sunshade and UPF 50+ tinted windows keep Leo protected from harmful UV rays at all times
  • The height-adjustable ergonomic push bar folds forward to provide an additional roll bar when towing the trailer behind a bike
  • The spacious 'trunk' holds 50 liters and thus a lot of provisions, toys, or groceries

And my absolute highlight: The removable floor mat. Because trust me, two little crumb monsters that could constantly eat, can make quite a lot of dirt. This I can now simply knock out!

But see for yourself:

PS: The D'Lite™ X is also available as a single-seater and you can complement it with the 2-Wheel Stroller Kit, the Jogger Kit, or the Ski Kit, among others.

PPS: Please, please put your child/children in the bike trailer only WITH a bike helmet and also be a role model yourself when it comes to wearing a bike helmet. Please also make sure that the push bar and the tow bar are switched to bike mode after walking.

PPPS: Feel free to check back on our blog in a few weeks when we'll be reporting on our first adventures as a family that has discovered cycling for themselves.