Introducing Burley's New Brand Look

  • 2 min read

From everyday errands to extraordinary expeditions, Burley has helped people do more by bike since 1978.
In 2020, we decided it was time to refresh our brand identity. We wanted to celebrate our heritage, while also reflecting the company we have become. Creating our new identity was a long and thoughtful process that required us to think deeply about who we are and how we want to show up down the road. After nearly two years of reflection and collaboration, we are excited to share our new brand identity with you!

Hitting the mark
Our new logo celebrates where we’ve been and where we are going. Look for the subtle ’78 tucked into our new B mark—a fun nod to our founding in 1978.

Our new logo is more visible and friendlier than our previous one. Its serif letterforms celebrate the joy, connection, and possibility of going by bike and invite everyone to come along for the ride.

Tagging Along
Our new tagline, Ride Your Way, gets to the heart of all we make and do. At Burley, we design trusted, versatile bike equipment for carrying everything you need and love. Our family-owned company is committed to building a more bikeable world and making it easier for generations of riders, adventures, and explorers to ride their way.

We support the ride, making it easier for people to get out there and do more by bike.

A more bikeable world with new possibilities in every ride.

There is a feeling you get every time you ride a bike.
Pedals spinning, wind whipping your hair, joy shining on your face.
Suddenly, your bike is a vehicle of possibility.
A means to do more, see more, be more.
To move your way, no matter where you are headed.
You are free and yet connected to your world like never before.

At Burley, the joy and possibility in every ride moves
us to make more rides possible.
From the worry-free gear we design to the bike causes we support,
We make it easier for you to get out there and do more by bike.
Burley. Ride Your Way.