Conversion Kits

1-Wheel Stroller Kit

Switch from biking to strolling without having to unload the kids with the 1-Wheel Stroller Kit. Simply unhitch your kid bike trailer from your bike, pull the wheel into Stroller Mode, and go! With the 1-Wheel Stroller Kit you can bike to your destination, unhitch your trailer and push it as a stroller, then hitch it back up when you’re ready to bike home.


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What they're saying...

John S. Verified Buyer

"Very useful addition to our trailer. Gives us flexibility to bike one way and then walk back. "

1-Wheel Stroller Kit

Lindsay C. Verified Buyer

"Having this wheel has been quite helpful! We are now able to use the Burley as a stroller in addition to our main use-trailer. "

1-Wheel Stroller Kit

Josh C. Verified Buyer

"Very easy to install and to use. Makes a great trailer ever more functional! "

1-Wheel Stroller Kit