Child Bike Trailer Accessories

From conversion kits to storage solutions, we’ve got a wide range of accessories to help you customize your biking setup to fit your family’s adventure style.

Child Bike Trailer Accessories

Discover a wide range of accessories for your child's bike trailer at Burley. Upgrade your kid's riding experience with our top-notch products.

Design Your Adventure

Outfit your kid bike trailer for new family adventures with our full line of conversion kits. Strolling, hiking, jogging, or skiing, these easy-to-install accessories turn your kid bike trailer into a year-round adventure-mobile.

What they're saying...

Michael C. Verified Buyer

"This is super simple to attach and remove, and completely transforms the bike trailer into a double wide jogging stroller. "

Jogger Kit

Joan R.Verified Buyer

"We love our Baby Snuggler insert! This is exactly what we needed to give our daughter a comfortable and supportive ride - it's all smiles and snoozes now!"

Baby Snuggler

Morgan M. Verified Buyer

"These are AMAZING! We almost use our Burley more as a stroller because of this attachment. Awesome to not have to bring an additional stroller with us when we go places."

2-Wheel Stroller Kit

Customize Your Ride

Storage solutions, adapters, seat pads, and more! We’ve got the gear you need to tailor your Burley kid bike trailer or child bike seat to suit your family’s biking needs.

At Burley, our mission is to help people ride their way.

That’s why we design our product lines to include a wide selection of accessories in addition to our main biking gear. These accessories help each Burley owner customize their biking setup to fit their preferences so you can focus less on finding the right gear and more on enjoying the journey.