Hitches & Adapters

With so many types of bikes, frames, and axles on the market, creating a one-size-fits-all hitch system is not only impossible, but unsafe! That’s why we’ve created hitching solutions to help more people easily connect their bikes to a Burley trailer.

Hitch Guide

Every Burley trailer comes with a basic hitch system. This standard hitch system works for most bikes but in some cases, you may need an adapter or thru axle to properly hitch your trailer to your bike. Explore our Hitch Guide to learn how to hitch a kid trailer, pet trailer, or cargo trailer to your bike and help you determine whether you need an adapter or thru axle.

Hitch & Adapters

Coho XC Hitching Solutions

The Coho XC is our single-wheel cargo trailer that’s perfect for bikepacking or singletrack riding. To connect the Coho XC to your bike, you’ll need one of our Coho adapters; the Coho 5mm Skewer, Coho 12mm Thru Axle, or Coho Nutted Axle Adapter. To find the right hitching solution for your bike, check out our Hitch Guide.

Our hitches, axles, and adapters make it easier for people to connect a Burley trailer to their bike.

We work hard to help more people ride their way by offering hitching solutions designed to fit a wide range of bikes. And for help finding the right adapter for your bike, our knowledgeable Customer Support Team is available via phone, chat, or email!