New Products to Fuel Your Journey

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At Burley, we’re all about helping people create their own biking adventures. From family rides to the playground to week-long bikepacking trips, our newest products are designed to help you stay fueled up for any expedition. We’ve collaborated with our friends at The Coffee Ride to create a signature Burley Blend coffee to help you stay energized wherever the journey leads. Paired with our Burley branded Hydro Flask mugs, we’ve got your hydration and refueling needs covered.

Our new Burley Blend coffee was created to help more people enjoy a quiet moment to pause, unwind, and recharge before embarking on their biking adventure. Whether it’s five minutes of quiet time before the kiddos wake up or enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, taking time to sip and savor a cup of freshly brewed coffee is the perfect way to relax and refocus.

Burley Blend was developed in partnership with Colorado-based coffee roaster, The Coffee Ride. This sustainably sourced coffee blend includes subtle notes of dried fruit, cinnamon, and milk chocolate to provide a cozy and flavorful way to recharge any time of day.

Founded in 2013, The Coffee Ride incorporates sustainability into all their operations, from sourcing coffee beans to delivery. Inspired by their founder’s grandfather who worked as a milkman in the 1950s, The Coffee Ride delivers local orders by bike using the Burley Nomad cargo trailer. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Quiet moments to pause and refuel can be enjoyed during the ride too. Take time to stop and enjoy the scenery during a mid-ride water break with one of our new Burley Hydro Flasks. Whether you prefer a warm cup of coffee or an ice-cold drink of water, these insulated beverage containers will help you stay hydrated, refreshed, and energized for any adventure.

Available in water bottles and coffee tumblers, our new Hydro Flask containers let you bring your favorite drink along for the ride. Known for their high-quality insulated bottles and soft goods, Hydro Flask is based in our home state of Oregon. Their dedication to supporting outdoor adventure is evident in their innovative product design and environmental stewardship. Click here to learn more about Hydro Flask.

With our new Burley Blend coffee and Hydro Flask containers, you can savor a peaceful moment with a perfect cup of coffee at home or take that moment with you on your next biking adventure.