Tips for Snow Day Adventures

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Written By: Ryan Scavo

Our family tends to spend our trail days on two wheels or two sticks. Whether fat biking snow-covered forest roads or cross-country skiing in the backcountry, we try to get our kids out throughout the winter to experience the amazing opportunities our public lands have when they’re snow-covered!

Whether you’re indulging in a snow day or planning a weekend trip, if winter adventuring is new to your family, here are a few tips to get your little ones out this season!

1. Get the gear

We know that not all adventures require gear, but I am so grateful that when we up our adventure game, we have the tools to make it happen smoothly! We learned early on that a kid-carrier is a must-have on any winter outing. We have a lot of favorite features when it comes to the Burley Cub X or D’Lite X trailers including:

  • Ski Kit capability - Converting our trailer to a ski setup is super fast and super easy. We usually wait until we get to the trailhead, but adding the skis, bars and hip harness takes just a couple minutes in our prep before departure.
  • Cozy ride - Whether we were out in the single trailer or the double trailer, our kiddo(s) agree that it is a smooth and comfortable ride. But honestly, while they appreciate the coziness, I appreciate the safety and durability features with the secure harnesses and rugged windows, frame, and floor.
  • Capable of packing ALL the things - Our kids like to bring everything but the kitchen sink whether we’re on an overnight trip or a quick day trip (just like their mama!). Our double trailer packs stuffies,water and snacks, extra layers, and more (like XC skis and a balance bike). While I wouldn’t encourage packing the D’Lite X FULL (remember, you have to pull that thing!), I do appreciate having the extra room just in case.

2. Adventures are about the journey, not the destination

I always say setting realistic expectations is a top priority for any family adventure. We have definitely experienced ups and downs and made amazing memories on so many outings. I also believe the “adventure” isn’t just the destination, it starts the moment you start packing and doesn’t end until the exhaustion-induced return! Some days, our cross-country ski will end a quarter mile in while other adventure days turn into unexpected weekend-long good times!

3. Learn from past experiences and adjust for the next one

When things work, remember them! And when things don’t work, throw them out the window and switch it up! During a snow biking outing with our two kiddos last season, we learned a thing or two about chilly-day outings as a family. Thinking our oldest would ride his bike the whole time, we brought the single trailer for the youngest and a ski-equipped balance bike for our oldest. Before we could return to the trailhead, our oldest was too cold and tired to push any further. Luckily, my husband was towing a sled behind his bike while I towed the Burley trailer, so he jumped in and we strapped his bike in the sled with him. On several of the subsequent outings, we brought a double trailer instead because while he might not have not used it, we had it as a backup just in case! This helps us go a little further, ride a little longer, and enjoy the snow a little more.

There are so many tips and tricks we learn each time we take our kids skiing and biking - and we also love learning from other families! To follow along on our wild ride, follow @RyOutside on Instagram.