All-Weather Adventures: The 16+ Wheel Kit

  • 1 min read

If you’re looking to equip your trailer for year-round riding across multiple terrains, the 16+ Wheel Kit is the ideal solution. Designed to provide better traction across snow, sand, gravel, and other rough surfaces, the 16+ Wheel Kit features two 16x3” push-button wheels with a wider, more rugged tread.

Whether using a child bike trailer or cargo bike trailer, the 16+ Wheel Kit makes it easier to navigate winter weather and terrain. It’s compatible with all our current kid bike trailer models except the Cub X, and with the Flatbed and Nomad cargo trailers. A special 1-Wheel Coho 16+Wheel Kit is available for the Coho XC cargo trailer as well.

Installing the kit is simple and quick thanks to the push-button system. Just press the center button on your trailer’s current wheels and pull to remove them from the hub. Then press the center button on the 16+ Wheel Kit and insert the wheel into the hub.

For winter rides in warmer climates, this bike trailer conversion kit is a great option for sand and gravel riding as well! The durable tires handle bumpy roads with ease and wider treads offer improved traction when biking on sand.

For all-weather versatility, the 16+ Wheel Kit is the perfect addition to your kid or cargo bike trailer. Easy installation and multi-sport utility will make it one of your favorite child bike trailer accessories or cargo trailer accessories!