Trail Work Made Easier with the Coho XC

  • 3 min read

Guest Post written by: Dave Wetzel of Pinecrest Mountain Bike Association, @pinecrestmtb

The Pinecrest Mountain Bike Association, or PMBA, is a registered 501c3 non-profit volunteer group that partners with the US Forest Service. The Pinecrest Mountain Bike Association maintains trails in the Stanislaus Forest in the general “Pinecrest” area.

The Pinecrest Mountain Bike Association was officially formed in August 2017 and is a community based, non-profit organization. We are dedicated to promoting human powered transportation, physical fitness, economic development, and the appreciation and enjoyment of the natural environment that is unique to the Pinecrest area. We strive to preserve and enhance sustainable trial opportunities for mountain bikers and other trail users through education, communication, partnerships, and on-ground support.

The multi-use trails are in the California Sierra Mountains in high elevation areas. This translates to a heavy amount of abuse from Mother Nature, primarily hundreds of downed trees that needs to be addressed each spring after the snow thaws.

With drought-weakened trees and harsh high-elevation storms, it is typical to see literally hundreds of trees crash down across the trails each year. Cutting the downed trees and cleaning up the mess is most of the work done each spring. Where the trails go through dense foliage, these storms tend to bring down lots of pine needles and pinecones as well. It is common for the group to get out and rake over 75 miles of trails each year. Last year we had 1270 volunteer hours and 1,350 trees removed. We start assessing the trails in the early spring with scouts, document the trail conditions, and send trail crews out to deal with the trail blockages and repairs. Having the Burley Coho XC in tow has made getting there much easier.

With miles of trails, workdays often have quite a distance to travel from meet-up locations, to where the work happens on the trails! In the past, that meant carrying heavy or bulky tools. But when combining an eBike and a Burley trailer, The Pinecrest Mountain Bike Association can get equipment to where it is needed!

The combination of an eBike and a Burley Coho XC trailer has made this group of volunteers more efficient, impactful, and productive in keeping the trails clear and safe.

Trail work can be very hard work with long days of hiking into the areas that need to be addressed.  The use of the Coho XC trailer in conjunction with an eBike has allowed our volunteer cadre to quickly access the problem areas, carry the necessary tools and equipment, and even have a bit of fun while they’re at it. 

The Coho XC trailer features are spot on, great cargo payload, handling, and design features. This makes it an essential piece of trail work equipment.  We have really appreciated the Coho XC Trailer, and the support received by Burley to make trail work easier, more fun, and less labor intensive!

Why do we like the Burley Coho XC so much? Well, the built-in handle and center kickstand are two features that really stand out from other cargo trailers. Getting into a technical section with a fully loaded trailer can put the rider in a predicament that can tap energy and time; the ability to quickly lift the trailer over trail obstacles with the built-in handle saves a lot of time. We really appreciate this feature more than you know.  Hauling a large chainsaw can also be a precarious endeavor, but the Coho XC is up the challenge. With perfect balance and positioning, the weight of a large saw is virtually un-noticeable - and the extra weight even makes the trailer track really well!

If you are considering a cargo trailer for hauling your trail tools and equipment, we cannot think of a better solution than the Burley Coho XC to add to your equipment cache. The balance, durability, design features, and Burley reputation inspire confidence when heading out into the woods, high country, or even your local trail system to show the trails a bit of love - in case you haven’t noticed, we really dig the Burley Coho XC- and you will too!