Burley Ski Kit Review

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by Rene Agredano

Our friend Rene uses the Burley Bark Ranger and Ski Kit to unlock year-round adventures for her dog Nellie who can’t walk long distances on her own. The Burley Ski Kit can be used on bike trailers for kids, pets, or cargo.

When we sprang Nellie from a California shelter in 2022, we had no idea that just over a year later our pack would be living in a tiny cabin in the wilds of Alaska. Today, the three of us are deep into our first real winter, exploring the stunning beauty of the North Country with our best girl in tow.

Burley Ski Kit Review 1

As my third special needs rescue dog, the Bark Ranger is critical for her quality of life. Nellie was found with a malformed leg that veterinarians say was caused by an old, untreated injury. She uses the leg for balance, but it’s not strong enough to help her enjoy long, four-legged walks with us. Her world would be much smaller without the Bark Ranger.

We love how her stroller allows us to go places together, but shortly after our first heavy snowfall, we discovered that not only is plodding through heavy powder exhausting for a handicapped dog but pushing 90 pounds of stroller and dog in snowy terrain is equally tiring for us. Our walks went from a casual stroll to a tough workout – until we discovered how much more fun we could have with the Bark Ranger Ski Kit.

Burley Ski Kit Review 2

Every pack living in a winter climate should have a Bark Ranger Ski Kit. The accessory is as easy to set-up as the wheeled version. The towing harness is comfortable for either of us to use, and we can tow her with or without a set of our own skis. As for Nellie, she doesn’t notice the difference between wheels or skis, but we do!

Now, taking her outside in winter is more fun than work. The three of us now glee along the miles of trails just outside our door, soaking up the quiet winter scenes, having fun with friends, and eagerly anticipating March of 2024 when we will ski across our frozen lake to cheer on the Iditarod sled dog teams that Nellie dreams of joining.