Pet Bike Trailers

Take your best friend on all your adventures with our pet bike trailers. From exploring the neighborhood dog park to pedaling your favorite backcountry trail, our pet trailer line is ready to help you and your canine copilot enjoy more bike-powered fun together!

Pet Bike Trailers

Ready for Anything

Our Bark Ranger and Bark Ranger XL dog bike trailers come with an included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit to open the door to more adventures. Easily transition from biking to strolling and back again as you bring your favorite furry friend along for the ride.

Best Biking Buddies

The Tail Wagon dog bike trailer offers a streamlined, nimble option for biking with your dog. Its simple hitch system and durable construction make it easy to enjoy a quick ride around the neighborhood or an all-day bike trek with your canine pal.


Riding is a breeze

Mesh side windows provide ventilation and air flow throughout the trailer so pets can enjoy the wind in their fur.

Cargo Pocket

An integrated exterior storage pocket provides the perfect place to carry leashes, snacks, and other gear for you or your pet.

Roll-Up Cover

Roll the cover up on sunny days to let your pet take in the sights or roll it down to keep them cozy and safe inside the trailer.

Easy to Tow

Lightweight frames make towing easier while the durable construction keeps pets protected and holds up to daily adventures.

Dogs are a common sight at the Burley office.

Our team knows how much more fun even daily tasks can be when your canine copilot is by your side. It’s no surprise then that we designed pet bike trailers with safety, comfort, and ease-of-use in every detail. Whether you have a Tail Wagon, Bark Ranger, or Bark Ranger XL, you can feel confident knowing they were created by people who care about their pets as much as you do.