Conversion Kits

Get the most out of your bike trailer with a versatile conversion kit. With options for biking, hiking, strolling, skiing, and jogging, these easy-to-install kits open the door to more adventures with your Burley trailer.

Bike Trailer Conversion Kits

Family Adventures

Conversion kits for gravel riding, hiking, strolling, jogging, and skiing turn your kid bike trailer into the ultimate family adventure-mobile! Find new uses for your Burley trailer and make new family memories with the 16+ Wheel Kit, 2-Wheel Stroller Kit, Jogger Kit, and Ski Kit.

What they're saying...

Sam L. Verified Buyer

"It’s an incredibly smooth ride and is easy to push. The front wheel is a quick release like a bicycle tire, and easily adjustable to make it ride true."

Jogger Kit

John H.Verified Buyer

"So far I have roughly 100 miles with these tires and love them. Thanks to the more aggressive tread, the trailer has much better handling especially through road edge gravel where I used to dread going."

16+ Wheel Kit

Paige F. Verified Buyer

"Love our ski conversion kit! It’s a great addition for more outdoor adventures with our little. Also, allowed us to use our bike trailer year-round."

Ski Kit

Ready for Anything

Equip your Bark Ranger, Nomad, Flatbed, or Coho XC cargo trailer for new terrain with a 16+ Wheel Kit. With wider, rugged tires, this kit can handle snow, sand, gravel, or other rough terrain with ease.

At Burley, we work hard to create products that are as versatile as they are durable.

Conversion kits are an easy way to add more utility to your bike trailer so you’re ready for whatever the journey has in store.