Child Bike Seats

Dash® FM Extended Rails

Your bike doubles as a pedal-powered kiddo carrier with the Dash FM. Quick to attach and compatible with most bikes, the frame-mounted Dash FM child bike seat gets families up and out for more time together on the bike. The Dash FM’s durable, easy-to-clean design mean it will hold up to any family adventure.

Available in two fitments, standard rails and extended rails, the Dash® FM offers expanded compatibility to a wider range of bike styles, making it easier than ever to bring your favorite copilot along for the ride. Please consult our Dash FM Compatibility video to determine the best fitment for your bike.


Fitment: Extended Rails
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What they're saying...

Jacob H. Verified Buyer

"This product has a great design and is super easy to install and also remove when not in use with the click mounting method. My kids love the seat."

Dash FM

Crystal O. Verified Buyer

"Great product. I like all the adjustable options and the ease of removal when we are not using it. "

Dash FM

Ian F. Verified Buyer

"Awesome purchase, I couldn’t be happier with the quality and ease of getting it set up on my bike. My kid also loves the seat, and I like how simple it is to get them in and out of it. "

Dash FM

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