The PeopleForBikes Travoy Gives Back

  • 2 min read
As people shift their transportation methods and look for ways to optimize their commute, the PeopleForBikes (PFB) Travoy remains one of the best tools for urban commuters who need a versatile, compact trailer to haul their cargo. For those looking to support community biking programs, the PFB Travoy offers a unique opportunity to give back. Since June 2020, Burley has donated $30 from the purchase of each PFB Travoy to PeopleForBike’s Community Grant Program. This program provides support for bike-focused projects and programs across the country, including bike parks, trails, advocacy efforts, and more. To discover what makes PeopleForBikes a natural fit for Burley’s partnership program, we asked Burley President, Allison Straub to share some insight into the history of the PFB Travoy. Q: Why did you decide to partner with PeopleForBikes for this trailer? A: We believe in giving back to our communities and supporting the bike and outdoor industries, so that people can enjoy outdoor experiences for generations to come. PFB strives to make biking better for everyone and we wanted to find a way to help bring awareness to their efforts and support them monetarily beyond being coalition members. Q: What aspects of the P4B Community Grant Fund appealed to you as a benefactor of this collaboration? A: The Community Grant Program puts funding straight into the hands of organizations and cities that are looking to make biking better for their community. This funding can be the difference between having an idea and putting the wheels in motion to make it happen. Q: How does the Community Grant Fund align with Burley’s company mission and values? A: At Burley, we believe the more we choose to bike, the better our days and lives are. We provide a product that helps enable and enhance the biking experience, and the Community Grant Program projects do the same by providing tools, trails, and parks for people to have safe and accessible biking experiences. Build it and they will come! Q: Why did Burley select the Travoy as the trailer model for this collaboration? A: There can be a wide range of barriers for people to ride their bike more often, especially in choosing to replace a trip by car with a trip by bike. The Travoy is designed to help make the shift from cars and public transportation to bicycles easy and more accessible. Both new riders and seasoned cyclists alike will be able to comfortably carry with them those things that matter most. To learn more about the PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program and the PeopleForBikes Travoy, visit the product page.