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Jogger Kit

Make fitness a family activity with the Jogger Kit conversion kit. This easy to install kit transforms your kid bike trailer into a jogging stroller. The 16” fixed front wheel is specially designed for the stability you need when traveling at a jogging speed. Available in single and double seat models, the Jogger Kit eliminates the need for a separate jogging stroller by adapting your trailer to fit your active lifestyle.


Model: Double
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What they're saying...

Christopher G. Verified Buyer

"Love taking my daughter for runs in the Burley!"

Jogger Kit

Sam L. Verified Buyer

"It’s an incredibly smooth ride and is easy to push. The front wheel is a quick release like a bicycle tire, and easily adjustable to make it ride true."

Jogger Kit

Michael C. Verified Buyer

"This is super simple to attach and remove, and completely transforms the bike trailer into a double-wide jogging stroller. "

Jogger Kit