2024 Family Biking Resolutions: Outdoor Adventure Ideas

Turn family time into an adventure this New Year! New Year’s Resolutions are best set with the people you love in mind. Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of fitness, fun, and togetherness with Burley Kid Bike Trailers.

Family Biking: Fun & Low-Impact Adventure

Biking stands out as a fantastic, low-impact activity that is fun for all ages. From novice to advanced, biking is a great way to exercise, explore, and have fun together without needing to take a trip in the car! Choose scenic routes that cater to all skill levels and enjoy the flexibility of Burley trailers that seamlessly transform into strollers.

Want to take the road less traveled? Just pop on the rugged 16+ Wheel Kit and go! From a trip to the neighborhood park to a back-country adventure, even the little ones can get out for a ride in a Burley Bike Trailer. So, strap in and ride some miles this year!

Winter Family Activities: Skiing with Kids

Looking for a little more adventure? No problem! Cross-country skiing is the perfect winter adventure to do with your bundled-up little ones. Plus, Burley trailers have water resistant covers, keeping the kiddos warm and dry in unpredictable weather.

Pop on the Burley Ski Kit, and you're off! Embrace the snowy landscapes, and let the trailers add an extra layer of joy to your winter escapades.

Family Fitness: Jogging & Walking with Kids

Getting your steps in goes a long way toward an active lifestyle. Transition from biking to jogging or walking effortlessly, ensuring everyone's fitness preferences are met. Whether it's a brisk walk in the morning or an evening jog, your Burley trailer can adapt to keep the momentum going.

Start a Family Adventure

Let 2024 be the year your family discovers the joy of staying active together. Burley bike trailers are not just accessories; they're your partners in creating a healthier, happier lifestyle. So, gear up, embrace the adventure, and let’s make this a year to remember! 

From everyday errands to extraordinary expeditions, Burley has helped folks do more by bike since 1978.