Bike Trailers for Kids

With over forty years of trailer innovation, expertise, and safety behind us, Burley’s bike trailers for kids make more adventures possible for the whole family.

Bike Trailers For Kids


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Most bike trailers for kids attach to the rear axle of the bike using a hitch. Some models may also attach to the seat post or frame of the bike.

Yes, Burley kid bike trailers are
compatible with most electric bikes.

Yes, many bike trailers for kids can also be used as strollers or joggers with the addition of a conversion kit.

Yes, Burley kid bike trailers can be folded down for easy storage when not in use. Burley also offers the Trailer Storage Bag and Storage Cover accessories to protect the trailer when not in use.

Burley's collection of safe and durable bike trailers and strollers have inspired families to get up and go since 1978. We bring a long history of innovation and expertise to building trailers that fit your family’s lifestyle.